Why Attend?

DEMO attracts insightful media, critical venture capitalists, respected technology business development professionals, connected corporate IT professionals, and the most-promising new technology companies in the world. Join the 15,000 people have attended DEMO over the past 23 years.

Up Next: DEMO Traction Boston, September 16, 2015- Boston, MA

Sponsorship Opportunities at DEMO TRACTION: Contact Neal Silverman, SVP and GM, DEMO at neal@demo.com

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PRESS/MEDIA We invite members of the media to attend DEMO Traction. One-on-One interview opportunities available with the traction companies and industry expert presenters. Register to attend at http://www.demo.com/BOS15/Press. Media may contact Erick Schonfeld, Executive Producer, DEMO at erickschonfeld@gmail.com or Neal Silverman, neal@demo.com with any questions.

Benefits of Attending

There’s something for everyone at DEMO—from VC’s and angel investors to corporate business development execs to CIOs and marketers. Whether you’re looking to invest in innovation or tap into new trends, DEMO puts you face-to-face with the people driving the future of innovation.


DEMO for Investors

DEMO connects VCs and angel investors with more opportunity for financial reward. That’s because we give you a front row seat to more innovation from more places in the world. More than 70 companies will launch at DEMO in October from the U.S., Europe and Asia, giving you the chance to spot more global trends. Evaluate more disruptive and innovative technology. And participate in more international deal flow. More of your VC peers will be here, too. They’ll take part in panel discussions. Provide launch feedback. And guide you with investment insight on the products that hold the most potential for profit now—and the ones poised for profit in the future.
What do investors get out of DEMO?
  • One-stop evaluation of 40+ start-ups
  • Global perspective from more international product launches
  • Insight into new trends and investment opportunities
  • Quality deal flow
  • Opportunity to network with peers, entrepreneurs, CIO’s, marketing executives and press
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 DEMO for Corporate Business Development Executives

DEMO puts new markets and new business opportunities in your sights. That’s because DEMO attracts start-up businesses and entrepreneurs looking to strike deals for partnership and success. Whether you’re looking to recruit talent or form a joint venture, DEMO gives you a qualified pool of prospects to pick from. It’s the one event that connects you with everything you need for business development: the people behind the innovation and the partnership opportunities you need to be successful.
What can business development execs find at DEMO?
  • Instant insight into new market trends
  • Access to qualified technology talent
  • Opportunities to build strategic business relationships
  • Acquisition opportunities with innovative businesses
  • Investment partnerships with a global VC audience
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DEMO for IT Executives

IT executives come to DEMO to get a jump on technology trends—and network with some of the most influential innovators and decision makers from around the world. There’s no place quite like DEMO for getting a clear view of where to steer your business, while exploring the technologies that can help ensure your company’s competitive advantage. From panel discussions to product launches and networking lunches, DEMO gives IT executive’s nonstop opportunities to connect with insight, information and opportunity.
What does DEMO offer CIOs, CEOs and technology leaders?
  • New technologies for competitive advantage
  • Networking with a global innovator audience
  • Trend insight and information
  • Hands-on product evaluation
  • Opportunities for career and business advancement

DEMO for Marketers

Marketers come to DEMO to build brand awareness and market share. It’s the place to be to get a pulse on trends and technologies that will have the most impact on your marketing strategy. Through technology sessions and product launches, you’ll learn how new products in the areas of both consumers and business to business can work to your market advantage. You’ll come away from DEMO with information you need to boost marketing ROI for you business and for your clients.
What do marketing and agency executives get out of DEMO?
  • New technologies for advancing marketing programs
  • Market trend information for strategic planning
  • Hands-on evaluation of market competition
  • Brand awareness among a community of technology consumers and investors
  • Access to top consumer and technology media companies, including The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, ABC, NBC, CNN and top technology blogs
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