Healium, Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Wearables and Hardware
Funding Amount
Product Description
Healium produces advanced clinical tools that enable healthcare providers to do their jobs with greater efficiency and improved work satisfaction. We leverage advanced user interface design running on next generation wearable and mobile technology, augmented reality, voice interaction, and clinical language understanding to provide an effortless user experience.
Funding Round
Funding Details
$50,000 friends and family on a convertible note $250,000 of services from BSSP.com on a convertible note
We have no direct competitors as these companies are focusing on different problems than Healium is focused on. www.augmedix.com www.pristine.io www.wearableintelligence.com
Market Opportunity
Healium's human-friendly technologies reclaim some of the time clinicians spend at the computer, improve work satisfaction, increase direct patient interaction, and support quality care delivery. Those advantages come with real-dollar ROI, since the cost of clinicians' time is often the biggest line item in a healthcare organization's budget.

Company Contact

Company Address
1574 NW 190th Street
Primary Phone
(206) 552-9898
Officer One
Dr. Carl Spitzer - CEO
Officer Two
Craig Rosenberg, Ph.D. - CTO
Officer Three
Officer Four
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