Student Loan Benefits

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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
The Work Cloud
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Product Description
Student Loan Benefits has invented the 401k for Student Loans. It’s a unique benefit that helps growing companies stand out and retain critical talent. Our platform, Student Loan Genius, allows employees to customize a plan based on their goals, budget, and a matching contribution from their employer.
Funding Round
Funding Details
All funding has been issued as convertible notes on the same terms. Investors include: Socratic Ventures, QEF Partners; & Scout Island Ventures.
There are no known direct competitors. Ancillary competitors could be considered other employer benefits that are vying for the same budget dollars.
Market Opportunity
The 50 million Americans with over $1.2 trillion in student loans is the next financial crisis. Companies need new, innovative ways to attract & retain top talent to fuel growth. SLB equips a company with a differentiator that is relevant to employees and solves a painful financial burden.

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701 Brazos Street Suite 500
Primary Phone
(512) 522-1913
Officer One
Tony Aguilar - Co-Founder & President
Officer Two
Josh Pierce - Co-Founder & Chairman
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Officer Four
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