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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Bitcoin and Personal Finance
Funding Amount
Product Description
Contracts that automatically verify and execute themselves, tracking trustworthy data sources to accurately verify a contract’s performance. Written as code into the blockchain and updated in realtime as actual performance occurs. Able to securely store and conditionally disburse Bitcoin as payment for the verified completion of a contract’s terms.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Data Collective (Matt Ocko and Zachary Bogue)
Paper contracts that don't track their terms completion. Esignature solutions that allow the signing of paper contracts.
Market Opportunity
We create trust between both sides of a contract through data, allowing the signing of contracts that wouldn’t happen otherwise. Any agreement that can be verified for performance using trustworthy data sources like digital payments, ownership transfer records, or GPS can be made less risky by proving performance through data.

Company Contact

Company Address
460 Park Avenue South
Primary Phone
(917) 574-5589
Officer One
Sergey Nazarov - CEO
Officer Two
Steve Ellis - CTO
Officer Three
Officer Four
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