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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Wearables and Hardware
Funding Amount
Product Description
Our Hybrid Electric Propulsion technology for Small AUVs is the first of its kind power system for untethered multi-rotor UAVs. It offers enhanced endurance and payload capabilities that have 8 times better energy density than lithium batteries and are 50% more efficient than fuel cell technology.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Seed Convertible Note Amount Raised to date: $600,000 Currently negotiating a Series A through Merriman Capital/Highline Research Advisors that is expected to close shortly.
Perceived competitors: DJI, Aeryon Labs, 3DRobotics, Airware, Skycatch, AmazonPrime, GoogleX, etc.
Market Opportunity
Significant impact in expanded capabilities for ground and aerial robotics applications that includes agriculture, construction, emergency response, humanitarian aid/disaster relief, security, transportation, etc.

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Company Address
730 Eastern Avenue, Suite 096
Primary Phone
(617) 875-4996
Officer One
Dr. Long N. Phan - CEO & CTO
Officer Two
John Polo - COO
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Officer Four
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