BluVision Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Internet of Things
Funding Amount
Product Description
BluFi Bluetooth-to-WiFi Gateway is a plug-and-play solution solving accessibility and connectivity issues for large enterprises by transmitting sensor data through a low-cost gateway without requiring mobile device connection to receive iBeacon data. BluFi, compatible with virtually any brand beacon, creates cloud SasS efficiency and connectivity for enterprise Internet of Things.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Company raised $1 million with crowdfunding from Indiegogo for highly succesful consumer object tracking Bluetooth beacon product. This seed round represented one of the most successful Indiegogo crowdfunded campaigns and propelled company's transition from a B2C to B2B complete SaaS solution provider manufacturing it's own beacon hardware, firmware stack, and proprietary cloud management SaaS solutions to serve the iOT marketplace.
We are first to launch a full end-to-end solution bridging tiny iBeacon sensors that seamlessly connect people, places and things to Internet with a Bluetooth-to-WiFi sensor gateway. Our goals are to bridge the online and offline worlds, to create a seamless interactive cloud-connected experience powering the" Internet of Everything" with BluFi combined with our beacon sensors and BluZone cloud platform with real-time alerts, security, APIs and campaign management. Competiors in beacon hardware include Gimbal (formally Qualcomm), Estimote, and Radius Networks.
Market Opportunity
Beacon sensors are gaining prominent place for measuring different attributes ranging from temperature, acceleration, humidity, and ambient conditions in the context of enterprise networks to create energy savings and operational efficiencies. BluFi brings mission-critical ROI contexts to the cloud with new simplicity at a low-cost across airports, factories, healthcare and retail.

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3201 Griffin Road, Building 2, 2nd Floor
Primary Phone
(866) 777-7210
Officer One
Jimmy Buchheim - CEO
Officer Two
Elliot Klein - CMO
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