Measurence, Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Internet of Things
Funding Amount
Product Description
The Mixpanel of physical stores. With our SaaS, cloud-based dashboard, retailers A/B test windows conversions, measure store traffic funnels, and analyze retention rates. We deploy in-store plug&play modules acting as wifi sensors and bluetooth beacons. Goal is to improve knowledge of shoppers, interact with them, andencourage store traffic and purchases.
Funding Round
Funding Details
We are looking for the right institutional investor (industrial or financial - we are talking to VCs but also to IBM, Cisco and the likes). Target raising amount $2M
Retailnext and Shoppertrack leveraging presence in the market as players of door counters, to try to enter this space. Startups Nomi and Euclid, with mixed success, try to figure out a "good" product. and Viewsy also playing. Google very interested in the space with the experimental Physical Web project.
Market Opportunity
After years of showrooming, the data-driven shopping experience is set to land inside brick-and-mortar stores. Measurence wants to trasform stores into physical websites by equipping them with the same data and marketing tools used online.

Company Contact

Company Address
1412 Broadway, 22nd floor
Primary Phone
(646) 705-4666
Officer One
Elio Narciso - CEO
Officer Two
Federico Feroldi - CTO
Officer Three
Officer Four
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