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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Internet of Things
Funding Amount
Product Description
Based on Seed technology (using Bluetooth Smart), Rapid Prototyping Kit gives the manufacturers a whole spectrum of new features suited for the IoT market. It allows for building connected products quickly and easily. Seed provides software, firmware, hardware and a customizable mobile app to see the results of product prototyping.
Funding Round
Funding Details
More than 1M funding raised from private investors from US and Europe.
Competitors, electric imp, thingsquare - providing connectivity over WiFi, not Bluetooth Smart (BLE)
Market Opportunity
Seed is focused on providing connectivity to everyday products. Home appliance market is worth $100B+ worldwide and manufacturers are now ready to add new value to their products and become a part of IoT revolution. According to ABI Research, Bleutooth Smart home market will hit 181.5M devices in 2018.

Company Contact

Company Address
620 Folsom St.
Primary Phone
(415) 696-9304
Officer One
Rafal Han - CEO
Officer Two
Simon Slupik - CTO
Officer Three
Officer Four
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