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DEMO Fall 2014
Market Segment
Smart Data
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Product Description
Brand VO2™ generates powerful brand health scores, competitor intel and predictive analytics from social and e-commerce data. Our cloud-based software allows brands to keep score against competition, spot market disruption and predict future market share.
Funding Round
Funding Details
The founders of Brand VO2 are experienced entrepreneurs with six successful start-ups between them. Founders, Mark Wysong and Peter Murane, have self-funded the business to date.
We replace social analytics companies that apply simplistic "vanity" metrics like Facebook "likes" and Twitter "followers" as representations of business health. We see ourselves as an emerging Nielsen or Bloomberg -- companies that generate billions of dollars reporting market data.
Market Opportunity
Brands can be blind to market disruption – new customer behaviors, new competitors and trends. We help competitors keep score, spot market disruption and predict future business performance. Our SasS model targets a broad range of brand-centric industries including consumer products, technology, automotive, healthcare and entertainment.

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Company Address
1700 East 17th Avenue Suite 200
Primary Phone
(303) 454-3256
Officer One
Peter Murane - CEO
Officer Two
Mark Wysong - Chief Strategy Officer
Officer Three
Officer Four
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