CrowdPlat, Inc

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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
Company's Tagline
Enterprise Crowdsourcing Platform
Product Description
CrowdPlat connects customers looking for project teams to execute technology projects with freelance teams from around the world.
Problem Company Solves
CrowdPlat is a crowdsourcing platform that connects a user from a company looking for project team(s) to execute technology project(s) with freelance team(s) from around the world. The system includes two main components, cOutsource, the crowdsourcing platform and cLancers, the freelancing platform. On one side of the system is the crowdsourcing platform for customers of all sizes from start-ups to mid-size to enterprise customers, to post project specification, receive bids from several qualified freelance project managers, award the project to one project manager, and manage execution through the platform. On the other side of the system is the freelancing platform for freelancers to respond to projects posted by customers and for freelance project managers to execute these projects.
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Year Company Launched
December 2013
Market Segment
Information Technology
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Funding Round
500 Startups
TopCoder and Elance

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Sahil (Sal) Sarosh
Company Address
888 Water Walk
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Officer One
Sahil (Sal) Sarosh - CEO
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