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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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What is your game plan for life?
Product Description
GamePlan maps a personalized path to careers. It provides students, career explorer and job seekers with an assessment of their knowledge and interests, and maps out a customized visible pathway to careers through online learning, mentors and community resources.
Problem Company Solves
There are 5 million unfilled job openings in America, while there are over 15 million people who are un- or under-employed. The unemployment rate for college students is twice the national average. Similar statistics exists in other developed, as well as emerging countries. For example, the UK has over 5 million un- and under-employed, Indian and China will graduate over 15 Million students from colleges and universities this year, and last year, their unemployment rate among college graduates exceeded over 50%. Young people face significant challenges in assessing early on their aptitudes and areas for growth, along with a personalized approach to matching them to career strategy. We will be using software in the fields of data extraction, information interpretation, behavioral profile generation, entity matching, and machine learning to help our members succeed. We will be using sophisticated artificial intelligence-based technology to develop an understanding of patterns for career progression. The analysis of resumes and job postings from around the globe will inform GamePlan?s identification of gaps in a user?s education and knowledge and will generate a strategy for acquiring necessary knowledge and skills in the most direct and strategic manner through online learning. By knowing what each student knows, we will recommend the exact activities each user should focus on next to meet learning goals. Our analytics will show at a glance what user needs help with. Content creators will see exactly how well different lessons work for different users and will improve poor performing or insufficient content. We will also find mentors and other available resources in the user?s local community. GamePlan offers a global solution from its launch. Our goal is to develop and showcase a candidate?s unique strengths and to find the ideal fit for targeted colleges and employers.
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Operations / Learning
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Gene Eidelman
Competitors, PluralSight, Udemy

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Gene Eidelman
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220 Northland Ridge Trail
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Gene Eidelman - CEO and Founder
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Adam Boudreaux - CIO
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