SpotOn Computing, Inc.

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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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Powering Calendar Everywhere
Product Description
Stanza's smart Add-to-Calendar button allows anyone to sync your calendar with theirs. Stanza is calendar/device agnostic. The button creates a live connection - publishers can push real-time updates, new events to their audience?s calendar feed, and get analytics on who engages with their events.
Problem Company Solves
The Add-to-Calendar button as it currently exists was built with the internet and hasn't been iterated on since. Currently it serves as a one-time download - no new event updates are pushed to users and the publisher has no analytics on who is actually engaging with their dates/events. In general, temporal content (dates/events) are lost within the Facebook events feed or on Twitter. With Stanza, anyone can publish their own smart Add-to-Calendar button. Your audience can then sync your calendar with theirs - works with Google, Exchange, iCal, you name it. The button creates a live connection. Publishers can push real-time updates: event changes, or contextually relevant information that are then reflected in their audience?s calendars. For example, teachers can publish an Add-to-Calendar button containing the dates and times for upcoming field trips, and then attach permission slips or last minute information for parents, closer to the date. They can even add links to photos after the trip has happened.
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Enterprise Technologies
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Metamorphic Ventures, Founder Collective, Tekton Ventures, Western Technology Investment, Stanford-StartX Fund, Angel investment from Ronnie Lott and Harris Barton (both former NFL players). Full list is on
eCal, CalReply, UpTo, AddThisEvent

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Smita Saxena
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846 Main St.
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Officer One
Julia Onken - Growth and User Acquisition Lead
Officer Two
Tracy Damiano - Head of Business Development
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