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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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Mobile Marketing Analytics & Automation for Enterprise Marketers
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Our product will optimize mobile marketing. In 2 minutes, companies can learn how their apps are performing against competition. In 2 days, they can analyze user behavior and experiences with powerful analytics for mobile and the Internet-of-Things. In 2 weeks, they can engage users with highly personalized, automated, one-to-one mobile campaigns.
Problem Company Solves
Our Mobile Marketing product suite is especially designed for Global 2000 marketers to optimize mobile engagement. Global 200 companies are being disrupted and must quickly transition to a mobile first world. Our mission is to empower Global 2000 companies to thrive in a mobile-first world, faster. Our 1:1 mobile marketing automation platform makes individually-catered mobile marketing engagement easy and our 2:2:2 Method gets them up and running fast, in as little as two weeks. Gartner Group states that by 2016, mobile app use will surpass the use of Internet domains, making apps the #1 way of engaging with brands. As such, Global 2000 companies are recognizing their mobile apps need to be more than just a presence in an app store, but a key growth driver of their business. Whether its offering new lines of revenue, up-selling or cross-selling products and services or increasing customer loyalty, FollowAnalytics is at the forefront of this transformation. Companies can get started, by checking out their free mobile marketing scorecard to see just how well their apps are performing in today's mobile economy against their competition.
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Market Segment
Smart Data
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Series A
Zetta Venture Partners
Localytics, Appboy

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Samir Addamine
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5 Third St.
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Samir Addamine - CEO
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Gail Ennis - CMO/CSO
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