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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
Company's Tagline
Wide-Area-Networking Virtualized
Product Description
Viptela's Secure Extensible Network (SEN) virtualizes Wide Area Networking (WAN) infrastructure, enabling enterprises to build a secure, hybrid WAN using a combination of private circuits and commodity broadband/LTE. This policy-controlled network drops WAN costs by 50% and improves application performance by 500%.
Problem Company Solves
When large enterprises want to implement video conferencing to collaborate globally, they often cannot enable the service because they don?t have enough bandwidth. Most CIOs can?t understand why they can easily run high bandwidth applications on a cheap home broadband connection, but cannot do the same on an expensive enterprise-class service? The network has become the single biggest bottleneck when trying to enable new services in the enterprise ? whether it?s rolling out revenue generating applications, deploying SaaS/cloud applications or responding to security threats. The problem stems from a portion of the network called the Wide-Area-Network (WAN). The WAN is a main artery for the enterprise; it connects multiple sites and users with the various applications. Enterprises have tried multiple approaches to address the shortcomings of legacy WANs. These have resulted in their deploying several different networks which have introduced additional complexity and management overhead. This has increased, not deceased, operational costs and the need for more skilled personnel.
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Market Segment
Information Technology
Funding Amount
Funding Round
Series B

Company Contact

Lloyd Noronha
Company Address
1740 Technology Dr., Suite 500
Primary Phone
800-525- 5033
Officer One
Amir Khan - CEO
Officer Two
Khalid Raza - CTO
Officer Three
Ramesh Prabagaran - VP, Product Management & Marketing
Officer Four
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