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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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WAN. Reinvented.
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VeloCloud's subscription-based service simplifies branch WANs. Dynamically steering critical applications over the best paths, VeloCloud makes inexpensive broadband links behave like a reliable business grade link.
Problem Company Solves
VeloCloud, a Cloud Networking Services start-up addresses the struggle of today's distributed enterprises with application performance and networking complexity in their branch offices. Enterprise IT managers face three challenges: expensive enterprise-grade bandwidth, complex branch deployments, and static WAN architectures inhibiting cloud application adoption. VeloCloud uniquely combines three elements essential to addressing these challenges: software defined control, a multi-tenant cloud network and virtual services delivery to provide an overlay Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN solution. VeloCloud automates branch deployment and ongoing management; assures performance to cloud and enterprise applications; and allows IT to roll out branch services virtually while providing analytics for intuitive troubleshooting. All this with a subscription model to ease IT budget management. SD-WAN control enables application traffic to be carried independent of the underlying physical/ transport layer. Multiple links from different SPs are available as a unified pool of resources. This transport independent overlay is key to a self-healing SD-WAN that provides flexibility, best availability and performance. It increases utilization of network resources as well as automates moves/adds/changes. New links and applications can easily be added, as no rigid tie exists between the application and a specific link. While most SD-WAN solutions must select private links to ensure performance of critical applications, VeloCloud's combination of dynamic SDN control and cloud data plane delivers enterprise-grade performance on Broadband Internet/ LTE links in addition to Hybrid deployments. Most solutions only provide per-flow selection of a link but our data of over 6 million records shows Internet links in North America deliver enterprise quality real-time communications only 75% of the time. VeloCloud uniquely supports Internet-as-WAN by recognizing over 3000 applications, measuring bandwidth, packet loss, jitter, and latency of each WAN link continuously, per-packet steering in mid-flow, with on-demand mitigation including error correction and jitter buffering. VeloCloud overlay dramatically increases the capability of the Internet/Broadband for enterprise real-time apps from 75% to over 99% of the time. VeloCloud is the only SD-WAN solution supporting data plane services in the cloud, in addition to on-premise deployments; enabling policy-based access to cloud and data center applications. This uniquely enables bookended cloud gateway services even when connecting directly to IaaS or SaaS destinations without any additional data center gear. VeloCloud provides a physical or virtual edge at the branch and access to the multi-tenant cloud gateways. Compared to purely cloud-based solutions, the on-premise edge both simplifies configuration and ensures software-defined services cover the critical last mile. New Virtual services can be inserted at the edge, or by forwarding to cloud services. VeloCloud Edge architecture is designed to instantiate and service-chain virtual appliances from our Orchestrator. The VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SDN-WAN, has been validated by 80+ customer engagements within 7 months of launch. The solution uniquely automates an enterprise-grade branch network, decouples branch hardware with virtualized services and accelerates adoption of the cloud with flexible on-premise or cloud-based services.
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Information Technology
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Series B
NEA, Venrock, The Fabric
Cisco, CloudGenix, Viptela

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Ravi Sharma
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295 N.Bernardo Avenue
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Sanjay Uppal - CEO
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Steve Woo - VP Products
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