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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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Measurence is an actionable intelligence and knowledge-sharing platform for retailers
Product Description
Measurence is building sophisticated software to extract data from off the shelf IoT sensors, and bring it to life for retailers? decision making. From standard visitor analytics, to key in-store conversion metrics, to full attribution analytics and to suggested in-store actions and decisions.
Problem Company Solves
Retailers currently use people counters at the door, data from loyalty programs, and sales data in order to estimate traffic analytics. Some are using wifi or bluetooth analytics. Some are using cameras. But they are still working with disconnected services, using excel or similar ?artisanal? tools to ?connect the dots?, and definitely without the ability to collaboratively share the insights, A/B test and measure in real time, adapt and learn again. Our system continuously measures store performance by aggregating, filtering and analyzing inputs from a number of sources: physical in-store IoT sensors, mobile-app enabled store observation inputs from sales associates, open data feeds, store POS and so on. These inputs are then translated into insights and shared in real time in a two-way mobile communication channel between vertical decision makers (store managers, operations and marketing managers, retailer HQ people) that can translate them into actions.
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Smart Data
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Acceleprise SF
Retailnext and Shoppertrack do a decent job at leveraging their size and presence in the market as established players of retail analytics. Nomi and Euclid Analytics are trying to figure out what to do after raising significant venture funds - however with very little market validation they built costly direct sales teams, which are not selling as fast or as much as they should to be profitable. Why? Because they provide technology and "big data", but no actionable, usable shareable insights.

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Elio Narciso
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1412 Broadway
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Elio Narciso - CEO
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Federico Feroldi - CTO
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