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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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The Only Social Media Intelligence Platform Focused on Brands
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Unmetric is an online platform that leverages human and algorithmic intelligence to provide enterprises with data and insights into how well their social media content and campaigns perform compared to industry competitors.
Problem Company Solves
Unmetric believes every company needs better intelligence to confidently make more informed business decisions and compete in the data-led economy. For Fortune 500 companies, agencies and other large global brands that seek to more meaningfully engage with their target audiences, Unmetric provides an online platform that enables them to understand, uncover and unlock insights into how well social media content and campaigns perform compared to industry competitors. Unlike listening or publishing services, Unmetric is a seeing platform that combines the power of human cognition and technology to provide global brands with data to analyze, benchmark and enhance their social media efforts. Unmetric allows you to see how your content stacks up against your competitors? and get an inside look at exactly what others are doing well. This different approach to content marketing creates what we call Intelligent Workflow, and it works in conjunction with your existing tools and platforms. It?s a more sophisticated way to approach the challenges of the modern marketer. IDEATE Coming up with fresh engaging content every day can be a challenge. Nothing is worse than that blank screen just waiting to be filled. Unmetric shows you the exact content proven to resonate well with audiences, providing inspiration to create content that attracts fans, builds communities and drives business results. You can filter content by geography, date and brand sector ? ensuring that your inspiration is relevant and targeted. COMPARE With Unmetric, you?re not restricted to analyzing just vanity metrics, you can instantly compare content and campaigns with data derived from a powerful combination of human analysis and algorithms to tease out the insights. In addition, there are a variety of second level metrics such as Share of Voice and Average Reply Times that take top level data inputs and are processed by Unmetric to reveal deeper insights. ANALYZE Comprehensive analytics, of your efforts and your competitors, help you plan and create better content. With over three years of historical data to draw upon, Unmetric is working to put the power of predictive analytics into your hands. You?ll be able to know which of your competitors? posts have been promoted or how much engagement a post is likely to get without any promotion.
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Series B
Nexus Venture Partners, JAFCO Asia
SimplyMeasured, SocialBakers

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Lux Narayan
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25 Broadway
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Officer One
Rick Liebling - Head - Global Marketing
Officer Two
Jillian Bonacolta - Marketing Development Manager
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