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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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Actionable document insights for sales and marketing.
Product Description
When you send a DocSend link to a document, you see who opens it, how long they look at each page, and who they forward it to. DocSend makes business communication with documents more actionable by providing analytics, feedback, and control.
Problem Company Solves
Over 500 billion documents were created in the past year. Many of these documents are the critical pieces of important business transactions. Proposals, overviews, white papers, reports, and more. Today, these documents are sent mostly as attachments. This is problematic for a number of reasons. Attachments fill up people?s inboxes. You have no idea if anyone read the document. If the document was leaked, you wouldn?t know about it. It?s not clear which parts of the document are most engaging. Document attachments were fine a decade ago, but the rest of the internet has advanced since then. Today it?s unthinkable to build a website without analytics to measure what?s effective, and security to protect sensitive information. DocSend is an easy to use, seamless analytics and security layer for the business documents you send. It?s a document management system built from the ground up just for business needs. DocSend makes business communication with documents more actionable by providing analytics, feedback, and control. DocSend helps professionals who share high-value documents know: - When to follow-up: see that the presentation is opened with email or desktop notifications - How to focus the conversation: page by page stats tells you what they ACTUALLY read - Who else is involved: by collecting email addresses of any subsequent viewers - If your material works: with aggregate metrics like drop-off rates and dwell times - Easy version control: presentations are updated for the entire team, and already-sent links DocSend comes with power team features, a white-label document viewer, security features, and Salesforce integration, making it the ideal document management system for your business.
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SoftTech VC, Cowboy VC, Lerer VC, WTI

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Russ Heddleston
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2 Mint Plaza #702
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Russ Heddleston - CEO
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Dave Koslow - Chief Product Officer
Officer Three
Tony Cassanego - CTO
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