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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
Company's Tagline
Connect your customer data. Personalize every customer journey.
Product Description
Booshaka helps marketers personalize the customer journey. In minutes, you can link up customer data across social, web, mobile, ecommerce and CRM systems. Booshaka analyzes customer activity across these sources and generates smart segments that are continuously synched to Facebook and Twitter for ad targeting.
Problem Company Solves
In our mobile and social world, consumers expect personalization. The next generation of businesses will succeed (and fail!) on their ability to engage customers with relevant communications, and to foster sustainable relationships. But, with the proliferation of consumer services and touchpoints, mapping out the customer journey is extremely complex and expensive. Consumer data is exploding and being fragmented across silos. In fact, Forrester recently found that ?87% of CMOs expect to integrate all customer data through a coherent digital strategy within 5 years -- but only 16% do so today.? Marketers are sitting on a goldmine of big data, but how do they connect it and how do they make it actionable?
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Smart Data
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SV Angel, Founders Fund Angel, Rothenberg Ventures, AITV, Streamlined Ventures, Joe Lonsdale, Peter Weck, Ellen Levy and more.
Marketo, Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, SAP

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Erik Ober
Company Address
626 Jefferson Ave, Suite 8
Primary Phone
(323) 680-4124
Officer One
Erik Ober - CEO
Officer Two
Ryan Reisert - VP Sales
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