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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
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Products that empower video? everything!
Product Description
Delivering the highest quality video experiences with our full stack technology solutions. - Programmatic Video Advertising Platform Beachfront Builder - Video App Platform Beachfront Solutions - Video Syndication
Problem Company Solves
The landscape for video consumption is evolving beyond traditional appointment-based TV viewing to any-device/any-time viewing, resulting in a multi-screen, multi-platform world that impacts creators, viewers, and the underlying business. Beachfront Media is taking a multi-screen, multi-platform approach to the way apps are created, distributed, and monetized, helping brands and creators alike navigate today?s video distribution landscape. Beachfront Media solves the complexities of this new ecosystem by managing the different form factors, tech formats, and user experience on the front end, as well as navigating the business realities of rights oversight and payment channels on the back end.
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No direct competitors who are attacking the distribution, syndication and monetization of video across all screens and mobile devices.

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Melissa Hourigan
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400 S. Atlantic Avenue
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Officer One
Frank Sinton - CEO and Founder
Officer Two
Lisa Connell - EVP Business Development
Officer Three
Jeff Chi - VP, Ad Sales and Monetization
Officer Four
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