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DEMO Traction Spring 2015
Company's Tagline
Unwrapping Sweet Locations
Product Description
CandyBAR is a custom-branded mobile app platform that powers travel and tourism using the most accurate and accessible mobile technology that better-engages users and deepens brand participation.
Problem Company Solves
Enabling Marketers to easily use the newest data-driven location based technologies through custom branded mobile apps ready to publish on their behalf.
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Market Segment
Funding Amount
Funding Round
Judge Scott, Mike Kirkland, Andrew Kirkland, Paul Kopp, Edwin Rivera, Arch Grants, and Blue Startups.
No Direct Competitors, but we do find these companies chasing down the same app contracts we try to get with CandyBAR. 1. Those with an app they try to get larger companies to buy into as a channel within the app. 2. Any App that publishes apps on the users behalf. 3. Location specific marketing campaign type companies.

Company Contact

Andrew Couch
Company Address
911 Washington Ave
Primary Phone
Officer One
Andrew Couch - CEO
Officer Two
Gilda Campos - CCO
Officer Three
Edwin Rivera - CTO
Officer Four
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