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DEMO Traction Boston 2015
Market Segment
Funding Amount
$0 to $1M
Product Description
As a pre-employment hiring solution, Plum uses behavioral science + predictive analytics to instantly identify applicants with the best fit and predicts future success. Plum helps define your hiring needs and identifies the best hires by bringing truth to the hiring process by revealing the greatness.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Competitors SHL and Aon make 80% of their revenue from customization and consulting, charge a large fee per test and are often used at the end of the hiring process. Aon states they cannot compete with Plum?s business model without putting themselves out of business. ClearFit focuses on helping small companies posting to job boards. JobFig and ClearFit have limited reliability due to a short test, do not test for problems solving ability or social effectiveness and can be faked. Others include legacy companies such as: -CEB (SHL talent measurement) - PI Wordwide - Profiles International - - Thomas International - Hogan Assessments - Sokanu
Market Opportunity

Company Contact

Sonia Varkey
Company Address
11 Erb Street East, Second Floor
Primary Phone
Officer One
Christine Bird - Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer
Officer Two
Caitlin MacGregor - Co-Founder and CEO
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Officer Four
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