Persystent Technologies, Inc.

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DEMO Spring 2006
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Enterprise IT Infrastructure
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Persystent simplifies the support of end-user devices and reduces Help Desk calls by eliminating software/system failures and the frustration caused by slow or out-of-order PCs. Combining automated support for self-repair of the device and flexible policies to help manage the planned and unplanned costs of PC support, Persystent maintains the integrity of each and every system to ensure that every user has consistent performance and availability day after day.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Persystent is a privately held, venture-capital-backed company. The B Round led by Valhalla Partners in mid-2005 raised $7 million.
IBM Blue (Restore) Button Home Grown solutions using commercial imaging products, Microsoft Windows System Restore and various aftermarket utilities Altiris.
Market Opportunity
Gartner estimates less than 10% of support incidents are handled by automatic methods. With labor one-third of IT budgets, that is $600 billion being spent on people to support growing IT infrastructure. By 2008 automated support is expected to rise to 40% as the sophistication of support tools increase to fill the gap.

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3930 Premier North Drive
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