Livescribe, Inc.

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DEMO Spring 2008
Market Segment
Consumer Devices
Funding Amount
Product Description
Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen is a computer in a pen that records and links audio to what users write on paper. Users can tap on their notes to replay recorded audio. Notes and drawings with audio can be transferred to a PC for backup, search and replay. Use
Funding Round
Funding Details
$23.2 million in Series A funding from VantagePoint Venture Partners in January 2008.
No direct competitors. The Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe represents the first entry in a new product category.
Market Opportunity
The Livescribe computing platform enables a broad range of new applications in personal productivity, learning, communication and self expression. The Pulse Smartpen is ideally suited for students, journalists, doctors, consultants – anyone who works with

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7677 Oakport St., 12th Floor
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