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DEMO Spring 2008
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Enterprise software and services
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SpeakLike solves the age-old problem of how to effectively communicate with people while chatting in their native languages. SpeakLike Translation Chat delivers accurate, easy, and fast conversational translation at a much lower cost than traditional human interpretation services. Our web services software seamlessly integrates automated translation with humanassisted quality control. SpeakLike addresses the hidden costs in a lack of understanding and broken-down communication associated with fully automated translation.
Funding Round
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Funding to date has been from the founder and private investors.
No direct competitors. Secondary competitors include traditional interpretation and translation services (Language Line, Lionbridge, SDL PLC & others) and automated, but less accurate, translation services (Google). Our efficient integration of automated and human-assisted translation services combines the accuracy of humans with the speed and cost savings of machine-translation.
Market Opportunity
The translation services market is projected to increase 40% over the next four years to $13.5 billion. (Common Sense Advisory Group Research). Translation chat is a new segment in this market providing an alternative to traditional over-the-phone interpretation services.

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130 W. 25th Street, Suite 9C
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