Awind Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2008
Market Segment
Consumer Devices
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Product Description
mobiShow is a device built on the mTVic platform which provides an easy-to-setup, efficient and cost-effective wireless solution to migrate PC and SmartPhones applications to TV. By connecting a PC or SmartPhone to a mobiShow device via WiFi, it will wirel
Funding Round
Funding Details
Awind is a Taiwan-based company founded by tier-one Taiwan VCs, Softbank China VC, and corporate funds from VIA and ZYXEL. We have achieved operational break-even, and pursuing for good partnership to enter the American market.
No direct competiters.
Market Opportunity
The DigiTimes reported that SmartPhones shipped 152 million units last year, and will grow at 32.32% in 2008 and 35.8% in 2009. In-Stat said Smartphones will grow at over 30% for the next five years. We expect mobiShow and other mTVic-enabled devices will

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17F, No. 866-5, Jungjeng Rd.
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