Fortressware, Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2008
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Small Business Software and Services
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Product Description
Personal Fortress delivers data leak prevention to everyone. Encryption and current generation DLP products are ineffective at keeping sensitive content secure wherever it travels. With no upfront configuration or server required, the user retains complete control over sensitive files, preventing printing, copying or forwarding anytime, and from anywhere. Without changing the user's environment, Personal Fortress allows concurrent use of non-sensitive, unsecured files.
Funding Round
Series A
Funding Details
Initial round in 2007 led by iD Ventures America after receiving seed money from seasoned venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who have built successful start-ups.
No direct competitors. Personal Fortress cuts across several product categories: data loss prevention (e.g., Symantec, EMC, and Vericept); enterprise rights management: (e.g., Microsoft RMS, Adobe, Liquid Machines); and encryption (PGP, Check Point).
Market Opportunity
IDC estimates that the information protection and control (IPC) market will pass the $3 billion mark in 2011. Through its tiered product offering, Fortressware is positioned to deliver affordable and accessible data protection to a wide range of prospective customers, from independent professionals and SMBs to enterprise workgroups and departments.

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2672 Bayshore Pkwy
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President, CEO & Co-founder -
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Ben T. Chang -
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Les Wright - CFO
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