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DEMO Spring 2010
Market Segment
Small Business Software and Services
Funding Amount
Product Description
The MOBILE DOCUMENTS push mail Software-plus-Service offers remote real-time reading, viewing and interaction with mail attachments without a download. Today mailboxes have become document repositories too, but downloading attachments is an awkward option on the mobile. Patent pending Remote Attachment Management and Cheery Picking technologies, enables instant sending of mails with heavy attachments, defining Mail 2.0. Unconventional use of streaming technologies provides a must-see experience. Users, enterprises and operators win
Funding Round
Funding Details
Equity: (1) Co-Founders & Management Team, (2) Swedish Government Seed Investment, $210,000 Loans: Soft Financing, $270,000
No direct competitors (PUSH Mail 2.0). Secondary competitors leap-frogged (PUSH Mail 1.0): Built-in mobile mail clients, 3rd party mobile mail clients & Java based Gmail client
Market Opportunity
In 2009, the mobile mail market will total 139 million users, expected to grow at an annual rate of 68%, totaling over 1 billion mailboxes by year-end 2013 (Radicati Group). An emerging market, 78% of email users want to mobilize their email, < 10% of email users have (Nokia).

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World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70
Primary Phone
+46-8-4100 6040
Officer One
CEO & Founder -
Officer Two
Mattias Wingstedt -
Officer Three
Henrik Pettersson - Chief Engineer
Officer Four
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