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DEMO Spring 2011
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Social & Media
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“Why should that guy get paid so much for using my content? – He shouldn’t.” gives back 75% of our search engine’s advertising profit to content providers. Our patented profit sharing formula uses visits by Ecobe search engine users to a domain, as the basis for calculating a monthly profit share. In essence, Ecobe charges a 25% commission for allowing content creators to leverage a search engine’s profits to monetize their content.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Two co-founders hold 76% ownership and the remaining 24% interest is held silently by 13 others. Approximately $250,000 has been invested so far.
Korean Market:,,, Yahoo and Google Chinese Market: Baidu, Yahoo and Google U.S. Market: Google, Yahoo, MSN,
Market Opportunity
The Korea Internet White Paper values the total online advertising market in Korea over $1 B in 2009 and global online advertising will reach $72.76 B by 2015 as forecasted by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

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Dongdaemun Gu, Hoegi Dong, Kyung Hee University Venture Center Suite #513
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