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DEMO Spring 2011
Market Segment
Cloud Technologies
Funding Amount
Product Description
Nimble is the world’s first Social Relationship Manager. It easily connects all of your Contacts, Calendars, Communications plus Social Listening and Engagement into a simple, affordable Web-based platform for individuals and teams. Nimble integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google & Email into one seamless environment. Nimble empowers small businesses in today’s socially connected world to collaborate more efficiently, to listen and engage with their community to attract and retain the right customers
Funding Round
Funding Details
Competitors, ACT, GoldMine, Microsoft CRM
Market Opportunity
Nimble’s target market is small business. By 2015, one-third of spending on new CRM software will be SaaS, Gartner predicts. Gartner also says by 2013, spending on social software to support sales, marketing and customer service processes will exceed $1 billion worldwide.

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502 16th Street
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