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DEMO Fall 2011
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Schedulicity is a real-time, online appointment calendar that streamlines the scheduling process between service-based businesses and their clientele. It allows these businesses to make their schedules/services available to current and potential clients through multiple digital channels such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, digital ads, the portal, and integrated email markting tools. A solo service provider pays Schedulicity $19/month; there is no charge to the customer. More than 4 million appointments have been booked using the subscription-based service in over 1900 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Over $300 million in appointment-based commerce has been booked per year using Schedulicity.
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Series A
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Schedulicity is the leader in the online calendaring space with mainly pen and paper as competition. Other competitors include GenBook, Vagaro, and Appointment-Plus.
Market Opportunity
An estimated target market of 30 million local service professionals (US only) suggests “local services” is a multi-trillion dollar market, represending approximately 50% of the local commerce marketplace. Consumers schedule millions of appointments each day with service professionals such as hair stylists, personal trainrs, dog walkers, plumbers, accountants, consultants, etc. Yet most of these appointments are still made by phone and managed with pen and paper. Finding a mutually-agreeable timeslot for consumer and professional can be a time-consuming, laborious, and inefficient experience. With Schedulicity, service professionals offer online scheduling 24 hours a day through multiple digital channels: Facebook, Twitter, website as well as access from multiple devices from smart phones, PCs to laptops and tablets.

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