Zazu, Inc.

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DEMO Fall 2011
Market Segment
Mobile Technologies
Funding Amount
Product Description
Zazu Mornings is a mobile application for iPhone and Android that tells you what’s next by filtering important information from your calendars, weather, news, and deals. The system monitors your personal information and gives you a heads up if something you've planned has changed, for example, when traffic gets pretty bad and you need to leave early to get to your next meeting on time.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Self funded to date
No direct competitors, secondary competitors: Siri, Greplin, WorldMate and Google Apps
Market Opportunity
A recent PEW study showed 64% have used their phone to quickly retrieve information they needed, this digital dependency directly fuels the $8.3 billion projected mobile software market by 2014 with a huge opportunity for technologies that serve as intelligent integrators of disparate information and connected devices.

Company Contact

Company Address
332 Newbury Street, Unit 2
Primary Phone
(617) 299-6312
Officer One
Punit Shah - 3
Officer Two
Marc Held -
Officer Three
Andrew Berkowitz -
Officer Four
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