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DEMO Spring 2012
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Cloud Technologies
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DocSync offers one touch access and sync of business documents to users' iPad no matter where the documents are located - PC, Mac, Company Servers or Public Clouds.
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Self financed
Even though we have no direct competitors at this time, the market noise will pit us against various remote access systems including virtualization solutions like Wyse PocketCloud, Citrix GotoPC and Public Cloud solutions like Dropbox, Box.Net and GoogleDocs and some Private cloud solutions like Oxygen Cloud.
Market Opportunity
Tablets including iPads are growing at an exponential phase with over 100M used in business applications. Every business user wants access to his/her documents irrespective of where they are located and what kind of connectivity exist. This is an area that DocSync is addressing where total available market this year is $1B and likely to grow as tablets and their use in business grows.

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1586 Vireo Avenue Suite 101 Sunnyvale, CA 94087
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R. Paul Singh - CEO
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