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DEMO Spring 2012
Market Segment
Cloud Technologies
Funding Amount
Product Description
Knoema is a unique knowledge platform that is built to meet specific needs of users with interests in data and data outputs, analysis and collaboration.
Funding Round
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Our main competitors are Socrata, Timetric, Factual, Buzzdata. Our key advantages: We know data, we know technology and we know our users. Focus on content and tools, not raw data. More advanced domain specific capabilities. Crowdsourced data collection.
Market Opportunity
End users of our platform are data experts and enthusiasts: Students, analysts and researchers; Journalists, consultants and specialists; Bloggers and other internet users. Our target market: Large organizations and governments for OpenData initiatives; SMEs and NGOs for outreach and brand building; Data sellers. 100,000* organizations, $100 million* market by 2015-2016

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7313 Barra Dr, Bethesda, MD 20817
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Vladmir Bougay - CTO
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