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DEMO Spring 2012
Market Segment
Cloud Technologies
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We address the problem of how people share topics of interest. NotesCloud makes it easy to collect rich content, organize it, and share it on social networks.
Funding Round
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Evernote: Personal collection tools, not designed for presentation or sharing topics. Tumblr: author centric, not topic organized. Collection tools are limited. Facebook: tidbits, not topics. A river of conversation, not a collection of topics. Limited collection tools. Pinterest: casual self-expression limited to photos/videos. Collection only, not content creation. Twitter, Quora: topic organized but limited content (text).
Market Opportunity
Our broad market is the defined by the emerging Interest Graph layered on top of the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter). The phenomenal recent user and activity growth of Pinterest, the latest self expression engine for the interest graph, demonstrates that this is a huge and barely tapped market.

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350 Franklin Street Mountain View, CA 94041
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Bruce Linn - CEO
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