VisApp, LLC

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DEMO Spring 2012
Market Segment
Cloud Technologies
Funding Amount
Product Description
Buyers interact with agents' listings, customizing the walls, the flooring, the appliances, the roof, the landscaping, etc. We send the agent the lead.
Funding Round
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There are companies currently competing to provide home improvement information solutions to consumers such as Angie's List, ServiceMagic, and HGTV, etc. However, none of these companies offers the comprehensive Visualizer Applications, exclusive lead opportunities, lead-bidding system, or provide insight into the consumers desires that VisApp does.
Market Opportunity
Our mission is to provide high quality leads and referrals to its customers in the $300 billion home improvement services industry. To accomplish this goal, VisApp has developed a very unique formula for identifying, monetizing and distributing the highest quality sales leads to its customers.

Company Contact

Bobbie Ayers
Company Address
2100 Constitution Blvd, Suite 164, Saratoga, FL 03431
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Bobbie Ayers - CEO
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