Taptera, Inc.

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DEMO Spring 2012
Market Segment
Enterprise Technologies
Funding Amount
Product Description
Serendipity gives you an ambient social view on customer deals around you.
Funding Round
Series A
Funding Details
Terry Garnett, our lead investor and board member, global head of marketing and biz dev at Oracle back in the early 1990s; Jim Davidson, Silverlake Chairman; John Thompson, former VP at IBM, former Symantec CEO, currently on the board of Microsoft, UPS and Seagate; David Murphy, former COO of Mercury, vice president of HP's printer division; Santiago Becerra , CEO of RoamBI; Tarkan Maner, CEO, Wyse; MR Rangaswathan, Co-founder, Sandhill.com; Constantin Delivanis, CEO of BDNA; Salesforce; Cooley LLP; Christopher O’Connor, co-founder and CEO, Taptera, Inc.
We don't have any direct competitors in the space, though our comparables include Double Dutch, Media Fly, Mag To Go, Apperian, Nimble, XOMO, etc.
Market Opportunity
The global enterprise mobility market is expected to increase from $5,524.0 million in 2011 to $7,670.4 milion by 2016. Source Markets and Markets dot com.

Company Contact

Jessica Valenzuela
Company Address
300 Brannan, Suite 501 San Francisco, CA 94017
Primary Phone
Officer One
Jessica Valenquela - VP, Marketing and Business Development
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