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DEMO Spring 2012
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Enterprise Technologies
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Everyone who’s ever been part of a conference call knows how confusing it can be. You’re straining to follow the conversation: The quality of people’s voices is often muffled and choppy. Background noise interrupts, and if two people try and talk at the same time, the sound cuts out. You’re not sure who’s talking: When you can’t tell if it’s the IT guy or the Marketing VP, the confusing context can make it hard to follow the conversation. Those days are over. Voxeet replaces the problems with a natural, intuitive technology that makes a conference call feel natural and relaxed. Built by a team of top sound engineers, we call this "Natural Conferencing". Voxeet is unique and distinct from anything else in the market in 3 ways: • High Quality: high definition voice quality, so you can focus on the conversation, not the poor connection. • High Speaker Recognition: 3D sound & visual cues so you always know who’s talking. • High Mobility: one-click transfers to your cell phone, so you don't have to interrupt calls when you need to be on the go.
Funding Round
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Loan (7 years, 0% interest): $130,940 from OSEO (French Government Structure to support innovative and promising technology-based projects). Grant: $104,752 from the Aquitaine region in France.
Some competitors within sound technologies developers are: vSpace, AVolute, Vivox and QSound. Indirect competitors are online communications software and developers such as Skype Business, Cisco WebEx Meeting Center or Citrix GoToMeeting.
Market Opportunity
According to MarketsandMarkets (May 2011), global team collaboration and web conferencing markets are expected to reach $19.97 billion by 2015, which represents an estimated CAGR of 10.4%. The main forces driving the market are conferencing and collaboration to enhance productivity of businesses as well as employees.

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Stephane Giraudie
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252 San Carlos Avenue Sausalito, CA 94965
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Stephane Giraudie - Founder & CEO
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