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DEMO Spring 2012
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Enterprise Technologies
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Product Description
Detects malicious attacks, takes proactive measures to reduce smartphone security threats via automatic preventive traffic filters and remote management console
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zDefender is the only enterprise software that identifies attacks and potential attacks and takes preemptive automatic measures to mitigate them. These actions are robust and seamless to the user, and enables even the least sophisticated users in any organization to protect themselves from inadvertent attacks. zDefender offers several options to deal with active threats: Preventive filters traffic from attacker. traffic recorder stores logs for further analysis, proactive defense on network anomalies and cloud based remote management console. This functionality may be offered on a modular basis, depending on the vertical market and specific customer requirements.
Market Opportunity
zDefender is aimed at enterprise and government customers. The ANTI app, available on the Android App store, is aimed at professional pen testers, enterprise and small-medium sized companies, as well as Do-It-Yourself users.

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Zuk Abraham
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Tel Aviv
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Officer One
Zuk Abraham - CEO & Founder
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