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DEMO Spring 2012
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Mobile Technologies
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Toopher saves consumers and businesses billion of dollars by preventing online identity fraud and identity theft from ever happening, using the location awareness of your smartphone.
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Our competition is low tech or slow tech. Two-factor authentication is cumbersome and costly as it involves additional hardware and manual entry. Some firms have taken a step closer to a technology that would be adoptable by eliminating the additional piece of hardware and generating tokens through mobile apps. Unfortunately, you still have to pull your phone out of your pocket every time you need to authenticate to get the token (code) from the phone and manually enter it into the site. With Toopher, the authentication is automated, and your phone stays in your pocket.
Market Opportunity
Any business, enterprise, or website with a secure login will benefit from Toopher, however, we will target the most sensitive groups first: businesses with vital information behind passwords, both internally and externally facing. The TAM for Toopher is $21 billion (2011) and it expected to quadruple in four years.

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Josh Alexander
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1616 Guadalupe Street, 7th Floor Austin, TX 78701
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Josh Alexander - CEO
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