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DEMO Spring 2012
Market Segment
Mobile Technologies
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UppSite turns content based websites into fully functional, cross platform mobile apps with rich user engagement features. It takes two minutes and it's free!
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Conduit Mobile AppMkr WiziApp WP Touch On Wipe Duda Mobile Tapa Talk Zuz Now AppsGeyser UppSite's Advantages: Unlike other services, UppSite creates full fledged apps, not just RSS readers. Additionally, UppSite apps provide rich user engagement features, push notifications and the ability to post and reply directly from the app. UppSite provides a cross platform solution for publishers, and takes care of the app creation process from beginning to end, including submission to app stores... all for free!
Market Opportunity
A billion smartphones and tablets have been sold to date. 250,000,000 websites cannot afford to create mobile apps on their own. The mobile Internet advertising market is on the verge of hyper growth.

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Ayelet Noff
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Shimshon 5 Petah Tikva, Israel 49125
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