XEOPlay, Inc.

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DEMO Spring 2012
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Mobile Technologies
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Tilt World is an iPhone game, in which, the players of Tilt World directly affect the real world by donating points to campaigns for social good around the world. Players can invest the points they earn in the game to our first adventure pack campaign to plant 1,000,000 trees in Madagascar in partnership with WeForest. You will help Flip, the chameliopole, through 15 levels of jumping puzzles and catch enough seeds to replant Flip's home of Shady Glen.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Self Funded / Bootstrapped. Interested in scholarship for DEMO, if possible.
Free Rice, REALiTREE, Climate Trail, GREENSQUARE, The Climate Reality Patrol
Market Opportunity
Geekaphone forecasted in 2011 that the yearly revenue of mobile gaming would grow from $33 billion in 2010 to almost $54 billion in 2015. They also stated that 84% of tablet owners play games, 70% to 80% of all mobile downloads are games, and that Angry Birds has been downloaded 140 million times. Source: http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-mobile-gaming-statistics-stats-2011/

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Jeff Kell
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5273 College Avenue , Suite 210 Oakland, CA 94618
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Jeff Kell - Marketing Director
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