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DEMO Spring 2012
Market Segment
Social and Media Technologies
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CrowdFanatic app is the new groups-connectivity layer on Facebook. The app directly connects supporters of rival Facebook groups and pages to fight for their cause.
Funding Round
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Private investors and governmental Canadian grants
Today there are no groups-connectivity layer or Groups Direct engagement platform on facebook. Causes at is a successful application with 4.9 million monthly users, that enables users to rally for their cause. But that doesn't engage directly supporters of rival groups, or create any groups related interaction. There are several opinion/ debate apps that provide a venue for individuals to express their ideas, but they are not groups-engagement platforms. Facebook is naturally the greatest threat as they can decide at some point to invest in creation of a groups-connectivity layer.
Market Opportunity
Target market: Sports teams, political entities, NGOs, celebrities and commercial brands. Our app enables brands on Facebook to better engage supporters, promote their agenda, raise donations and crowdsource opinions. Basic fee for page plugin and premium for added services. The market is huge as most brands are maintaining Facebook pages today.

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440 N. Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale, CA 94085
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Officer One
Yaron Bazaz - Founder and CEO
Officer Two
Krys Wallbank - CTO -
Officer Three
Ido Sarig - Business Development -
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