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DEMO Spring 2012
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Social and Media Technologies
Funding Amount
Product Description
Ecobe is a socially responsible search service/portal site with a unique business model giving 40%, nearly half, of the gross profit generated by our search service to the content providers of the sites/pages visited by Ecobe search engine users. Ecobe currently holds Korean patents, with international patents pending. The company's profit sharing formula determines a relative valuation based primarily on the number of clicks to a domain; however, other web analytics can be factored into the valuation.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Aug. 25, 2009; US$17.4k Seed / Incubating Round; 6 Investors Including: Seuk-Weon Song / CEO Jan 5, 2010; US$52.0k; Seed / Incubating Round; 7 Investors Including: Seuk-Weon Song / CEO Nov 17, 2011; US$1.0m; Angel Round; 1 Investor Including: Total to Date; US$1.07m
1. Global Market: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu 2. Korean Market: Naver, Daum, Google, Nate, Yahoo
Market Opportunity
The MagnaGlobal Research Group forecasts Online Ad-Based Revenue to reach US$96.4 billion by 2014. The Korea OnlineAd Association valued Korean Online Ad-Based revenue in 2011 at US$1.88 billion. The Ad-Based Revenue market driving the Search Engine industry is expected to overtake TV in Korea by 2020.

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Dongun B/D 4F, 413-4, Dogok-2-dong Seoul, Korea
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Joseph Stanfield - Vice President
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