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DEMO Spring 2012
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Social and Media Technologies
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Iconimetrix/Smurks is poised to become the new face of consumer experience feedback and analysis. Based on a statistically valid Mood Map and scale, top line data for consumer use can be reported via Smurks in the form of a statistically averaged easily interpreted Smurk, while more detailed analysis is available to businesses tracking consumer experience. The globally friendly design of Iconimetrix/Smurks positions it well to grab neuromarketing's ever increasing share of the $48 billion worldwide business of polling and market research.
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All Iconicast funding to date has come from Dr. Michael Doyle.
MySmark, Moody, QuantEmo, Nielson's NeuroFocus, IntoNow, Google Zeitgeist, CNN People Meter
Market Opportunity
First Research reports that worldwide market research revenue was $48 billion in 2010, aided by the relentless growth of online research and the rapid rise of neuromarketing. Behavioral Scientist, Aaron Reid, of Sentient Decision Science predicts early adopters in market research will apply quantitative measures of emotion on a broad scale.

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330 S. Naperville Road, Suite 300 Wheaton, IL 60187
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Amy Hesser - CEO
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