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DEMO Spring 2012
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Social and Media Technologies
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We help friends to create group memories in an environment that is collaborative and as private as you choose. Right now after you share an experience with friends, everyone is uploading to different sites and albums, if at all. We want to eliminate this social scavenger and bring all of your best social stuff together in one place so that you can relive a complete memory.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Popset, Erly, Pinweel, Path, Batch and Tracks are our main competitors. We offer a more complete solution with mobile and web, whereas several of our competitors are only mobile based. We also lay out your “Montages” in a sleek, automatic magazine format that is easy to edit by simply dragging pieces of content. We interpret the data type of content to size it accordingly, so if you check in or comment in a Montage, this information isn’t lost among the photos and videos-it gets a small box of its own. Additionally, we allow the user to easily pull in photos and videos from Facebook and Instagram, and in the future will support the majority of major photo sharing sites.
Market Opportunity
We will target high school & college students along with young professionals in the US and Taiwan markets. We believe our attractive and easy to use solution has the opportunity to become the go-to place for group memory creation.

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198, 8F, Sec. 2 Tun-Hwa S. Rd. Taipei Taiwan 106
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+886 988 030 825
Officer One
Brian Shen - Founder
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