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DEMO Spring 2012
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Social and Media Technologies
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Rawporter has a website for media partners who can buy videos and photos by searching existing content, requesting content through targeted assignments or by setting up intelligent alerts. Our Rawporters use the iPhone and Android apps to respond to paid assignments and record the requested footage.
Funding Round
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Founders, Friends, Family and Angel Investor Gofman Holdings
Co-ops and wire services like the Associated Press dominate the market but are expensive. Wide acceptance of UGC has begun to erode their share, but no competitor exists that works with the media vs. against it. Citizen journalism businesses and news aggregators are plentiful and compete with media outlets for advertising revenue by drawing traffic to their websites. No competitor makes it easy for the media to get timely, relevant content. Rawporter’s key competitive advantages are our trademarked brand and a management team ideally suited for a consumer product.
Market Opportunity
There are 6,500 major media outlets in the U.S. that pay the Associated Press between $48,000 and more than $1 million annually for news content. Global opportunity exceeds $1 billion with the AP and Reuters alone.

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Kevin Davis
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712 N Alexander St. Charlotte, NC 28202
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Kevin Davis - CEO
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