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DEMO Fall 2012
Market Segment
Big Data & Analytics
Funding Amount
Product Description
BellaDati analytics and reporting cloud tool reinvents the way in which business users interact with data. It turns sales, marketing, production or financial data into the visualized reports and dashboards. Analyze, share data or embed it as platform into your apps. All you need is web-browser or mobile device.
Funding Round
Funding Details
BellaDati was founded by Martin Trgina, CEO and founder. Amount was 1.5 million.
QLikView, Tableau, GoodData
Market Opportunity
After years in enterprise business we realized that enterprise software and especially business intelligence is powerful inside however it totally lacks intuitive nature that is often found in consumer-focused apps. So BellaDati was developed to bring business intelligence reporting that would actually be a pleasure to use.

Company Contact

Company Address
Scott&Weber Office Center Karla Englise 3201/6, Prague, Czech, 150 00
Primary Phone
+420 255 725 405
Officer One
Martin Trgina - CEO and Founder
Officer Two
Officer Three
Officer Four
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