Invenia AS

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DEMO Fall 2012
Market Segment
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Product Description
Ensafer is a new and elegant way to protect information on the Internet by encrypting services you already use, like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive.
Funding Round
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BoxCryptor, SafeBox, SecretSync
Market Opportunity
Storing and sharing data on the Internet has never been easier. But keeping it safe in today’s hazardous cloud environment has never been more challenging. Ensafer protects information in services like Dropbox using state of the art encryption while hiding all complexity. It’s secure by design.

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Grønnegata 86-88, Tromso, Troms, 9008
Primary Phone
+47 77 75 75 00
Officer One
Terje Wold - CEO
Officer Two
Officer Three
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