PassBan Corporation

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DEMO Fall 2012
Market Segment
Funding Amount
Product Description
Passban is adaptable, multi-verification security that protects your mobile devices. Passban lets you choose which applications you want to protect and the way in which you protect them. Using voice, facial recognition, location, motion verification or token authentication you can protect and easily gain access to your mobile devices.
Funding Round
Series A
Funding Details
Round included individual investors and friends.
Authentify, LexisNexis, BioSig-ID
Market Opportunity
PassBan's primary target market is mobile device users who would like to protect their information. Market opportunity is also found in application developers and small to midsize businesses as well as businesses at the enterprise level, including: document management service providers, healthcare service providers and financial service providers.

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607 Market St. Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94105
Primary Phone
Officer One
Kayvan Alikhani - CEO & Co-Founder
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